Night Voices

"Wise Nicodemus saw such light
As made him know his God by night"
- Henry Vaughan

The day's dry business over,I listen
For spirit voices in the dark. It's then
I hear them if at all calling on currents

of air, barely audible, or bellowing
in gusting winds. They visit at night
because the containing dark is deep enough

While light is a shining face, a reflection
from surfaces they cannot enter (when the Sun
visits a forest its deeps are sealed as light leaves them).

Vaughan had Nicodemus speaking with the Sun
at midnight, a small conceit, but one
which screens divine light on a protecting veil

of shadow wherin he saw the dewy hair
of God shining and caught the still word
with stilled senses, not seeking to know

As we came, long ago to the court
of the Goddess in moonlight and knew
ourselves by a forgetting. So I keep

my senses open, but tuned to movements
of the air, for sighs in the dark
which always catch me unaware.

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