"mingling or combining in due proportion" - O.E.D II.3.a


Dodal Temperance
Marseille Tarot
Jean Dodal

Temperance from the Waite pack
Rider-Waite Tarot
Pamela Colman Smith

She pours from one cup to another
With one foot in water and the other
On the Earth. Her wings make her
One with the Air while her radiant diadem
- like the Sun - is a quiet intensity of Fire.

She contains the elements, slipping
Between them as she slips between
Worlds: her mix is not balance but continual
Flux, yet her poise is perfect stillness.

She is an enigma made apparent;
Like all cup-bearers she holds a mirror
To mystery which, reflected, reveals itself
So that what appears on the surface
And what is within are one.


Crowley calls this card ART and represents it in alchemical terms, showing "the mingling of the contradictory elements in a cauldron".


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