Tarot Trump XVII
from the Crowley pack designed by Frieda Harries

"For each inclos├Ęd spirit is a star" - Henry Vaughan 'The Bird'

A star refracted for a moment of Time
Which is the blaze of a life,
A cache of starlight fallen
To Earth and caught to quicken:
Refractary in its stubborness to live.

As elements push - one into another -
So Earthbound bodies live containing Fire;
Seeking the light from which it came
Each separately kindled flame
The object of another's desire.

Yet we live alone, the light enclosed
In each and glimpsed darkly in the other
By those who walk a path together,
A destiny which seems forever
Quenched by the light of that eternal Star

To which all light deflects
As refractions seek their element:
The gleaming water poured through Air
To Earth that holds the liquid there
But lets the light leak out so soon.


 "The Star shining out of the night is an emblem of the spirit .... 
 not fixed and enclosed within itself but open and free".
 - Alfred Douglas The Tarot

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