Old Man’s Beard

It doesn’t belong here but still I see it year after yeartaking the lime it needs from the spoilof... Read More

Notes for an Ecologist

It is the Earth itself that is the treasure, not what is buried in her – the shining hoards... Read More

Alternative Mirror

I look into the mirror and see a world looking back … a world where people are free where... Read More

Pork and Spiced Apples

There’s pork with spiced apples for Old Michaelmas Day when the apple boughs still bear their fruit, and blackberries... Read More

Shaving Mirror

Speaking to the back of his headwhile watching his face being shavedin the mirror, it was as if I... Read More

Identity and Change

Towards the end of the third volume of her re-creation of the life of Henry VIII’s fixer Thomas Cromwell,... Read More

Mirrored Lift

Out-of-body Experience In a lift, mirrored on three sides, we are descending through the floors and also receding endlessly... Read More

ALICE’S Looking Glass

When Alice went Through the Looking Glassthe room she found looked the same, at first,as the one she’d left,... Read More


The Elizabethan astrologer and alchemist Dr John Dee had the obsidian mirror, a crystal ball and other items illustrated... Read More